Farmers' Prayer
Walter Brennan
You know Lord its been a while since I talked with you
I've been so galdarned busy with that crop and all and
Well I guess I just forgot to take time out

But I ain't a-forgettin that crop you done give us this year
Hmm and that little heifer you brought us is growin' like a weed
Yes Sir without that crop Lord
I'd a had to do without that new plow
And Ma wouldn't have that new Sunday dress she's so proud of now

Ah I guess we wouldn't have a lot of things Lord if it weren't for you
And that new Church in the valley Lord
Well that's about the finest thing you could ever do
The town's mighty proud of it
We're all gonna be there on Christmas day too

Oh you know Billy's gonna make it home
From the army for Christmas this year
And we all want to thank You for that
Cause we sure do miss him

It seems like just yesterday
We was buyin him Christmas toys
And he was a runnin around the house
Making a lot of noise

You know ma and me we laugh about that every now and then
Aw it's gonna be good to have him home again
Well Lord I suppose I used up about all my time
And there must be lots of others a-waitin' in line

I reckon during this time of year
Lots of people is a-waitin' to share the Christmas cheer
So don't You worry none about us Lord
Cause me and my family is gonna have a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year