Only This Moment Is Mine
T. O'Donnell
There's so many things we'd change
If we lived our lives again
So many things we would and wouldn't do
All the past mistakes we've made
The price that we have paid
Oh how we'd live if we could start a new


But there's no looking back
And we can't change the past
Or turn back the hands of time
Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
And I know that only this moment is mine

There are things we'd never try
And tears we'd never cry
If we had known the hill was far too steep
We'd have never tumbled down
Or have fallen in and drowned
If we had known the water was so deep

Chorus (modulate after turnaround)

So it's best if we forget
The things we now regret
For we can not go back and change the past
Let us use these old mistakes
For a better life to make
And tomorrow we may find that dream at last