Glory Glory  Clear The Road
 By: Handcock/Mathews/willis
Glory, glory clear the road, - I'm tired of totin' this heavy load
Oh St. Peter I'm runnin' late - Can you get the key and unlock the gate?

Once I heard a preacher man - Preachin' ‘bout that promised land,
How it flowed with sparklin' wine - Luscious fruit hung on the vine
Not a worry, not a care - All is peace and no despair
From that day I had a spark - To reach that land of no desire

Repeat Chorus
Then He preached about that place - That's reserved for fallen race
And damnation for the stray - That would fall along the way
There the devil is awaitin' - By a mighty lake of fire
All the rest you know so well - Only flame they call it hell

Repeat chorus
I'm gonna reach him now (oh yeah) -Gonna tell you how (oh yeah)
You can get up there (oh yeah) - You can reach that city so bright and fair

You gotta live right (oh yeah) -You gotta pray each night (oh yeah)
Get on your bended knee (oh yeah) You gotta trust in God, and He will set you free

Then the good land (oh yeah) - Where all the righteous stand
I'm gonna see His face (oh yeah) He's gonna say "my child, you've won the race"

It's in your soul man (of yeah) - It's beyond compare (oh yeah)
You'll never know you can (oh yeah)- Upon golden streets So bright and fair

Then you'll be shouting
Glory - Glory - Glory
Clear the road