Right Inside of Me
Music and Lyrics by Garry Raabis
One day my soul just opened up - And something said to me
Son if you'll let go and let God - Your spirit will soar free
I've since learned all things are mine - The choices plain to see
Answers are not hard to find - They're right inside of me

Too busy chopping to sharpen the axe -I heard my father say
The harder I worked the more dull it became - And less got done each day
I'd stew and fuss and sweat and curse -
Not realizing why things got worse -
Ego wouldn't get out of the way

Repeat chorus

2ND Verse
Universe has much to say - If you'll just stop and listen
Take the time to realize -What you could be miss'n
A song bird's tune, a pet's soft touch -
The grandchild's hug that means so much -
Heaven could be yours right here today

Repeat Chorus
Repeat 2nd Verse
Repeat chorus plus last line to close